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DigiLens Announces New Two-Layer AR Waveguide Display for Smart Helmets

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By Press Release Technology, technology, technology. There’s just no escaping it anymore, it seems. What’s happened to the days when you just got on your motorcycle to escape everything and be alone? It’s just you and your smartphone now. Looks like DigiLens is developing an even more sophisticated AR visor for smart helmets, which the …

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Putting The Motonation Cappra Vented Textile Pants To The Test In The Desert: Hands On Review

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By Kathy Koewler Bargain Pricing At only $99 the Motonation Cappra Vented Textile Pants are an outstanding option for hot weather riding pants. Most other options are in the $150- $200 range such as the Cortech Sequoia XC Air which Revzilla offers at a regular price of $179.99. The Motonation Cappra Vented Textile Pants Features …

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MotoGP Le Mans Results 2018

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By Bruce Allen having dominated the proceedings in France for the past few years, many fans, especially those with French accents, expected Johann Zarco to waltz into racing history today, starting from pole with those dreamy eyes. Alas, his unforced error on Lap 9 landed him in the gravel. Andrea Dovizioso‘s “own goal” on Lap …