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Rizoma USA And REVIT! USA Form Exclusive North American Partnership

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By Press Release Two brands we love, Rizoma USA And REV’IT! USA, working together. We’re cool with that. Begin Press Release: Rizoma USA and REV’IT! USA form exclusive North American partnership Ferno, Italy and Oss, Netherlands, October 3, 2017. Rizoma USA and REV’IT! USA have formed a partnership that gives REV’IT! USA exclusive distribution rights …

Kawasaki Canada Updates Website With Full Details and Pricing on 2018 Models (with video) (Bike Reports) (News)

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By Dirck Edge Full details, specifications and pricing for Kawasaki’s new 2018 Canadian models, including the Ninja H2 SX sport tourer, Z900RS (including the café version) and Ninja 400 are available on Kawasaki Canada’s web site here. Interesting for any number of reasons, Canadian pricing is perhaps most interesting. The new Ninja 400 starts at …

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Would You Ride It?

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By John Burns Today’s Butchered Classic, from the Facebook group of the same name, is this ex-Honda CBX1000, thrashed to within an inch of its life by Bad Seeds Motorcycles of Japan. Wait, actually they are in France, which explains a lot. What was once a beautiful motorcycle and the apogee of Honda engineering circa …