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Norton Trademark Filings Hint at Companys Future Under TVS

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By Dennis Chung Norton Motorcycle has filed trademark applications for several names from its history that may portend the company’s future under the ownership of TVS Motor. The trademark applications, filed this week with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, are the first potential model names registered by the British company since TVS acquired it …

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2021 Yamaha MT-09 First Look

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By Ryan Adams Details for the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 have just been released. Notable takeaways for the 2021 model year are an all-new larger capacity engine at 890cc, updated chassis to match, and advanced electronics. While those are certainly the major changes for this new iteration of MT-09, styling has also been tweaked slightly throughout, …

Yamaha Unveils Redesigned 2021 MT-09 (Bike Reports) (News)

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By Dirck Edge Yamaha has introduced a new 2021 MT-09 naked bike that is completely redesigned, including both the engine (now a larger displacement at 890cc) and the chassis (new frame, swingarm, suspension, instrumentation and lighting). Undoubtedly, compliance with Euro 5 emission standards has been one driving force for the redesign. Yamaha claims a small …