Dennis Hopper Through My Eyes

By Lizz on

I was born of this Earth and will die of this Earth , Who the***** do you think you are weeping over me?

I lived my life the way I sought yours, Free…
Say what I want when I want and you sit back and take it.

I was married 5 times and I don’t give a rats ass what you think of what I done.
I don’t care if you approve or don’t
Stay the **** away then.

Who needs you . You need me to wipe that grin off your face, you need me to please that women you can’t get a grip on..
Who the **** do you think you are , praising me now?

I passed this earth a long time ago, you never even noticed…
Now I’m back in the Media and you pretend to care…

What are you doing, pulling out all those old stinking movies..
What nothing new for you?

Go make your Millions off my soul. I got nothing to do with you any more.

An Internal Badass ? Who Me.. What The **** does that mean ?
Drugs man , I did what you had no courage to do.
I lived it.
What the heck is all this hub bubb about?
I lived my life the way you wanted,
Making films would not have been as good.You Know ,
With Out the drug educed environment I lived in.

You loved to hate , You hate to love. Were you as free as you knew I was?
Hated the hippie, Hate The Pigs, Where did you stand when stand you did not.

Easy Rider, living off a women. What does that make you , A Pimp.
No money ever exchanged hands , they gave it up freely.

I controlled every second of My Life,
Through my death bed I called the shots.
That B~utch , I wanted nothing to do with her.
Can You say that Much.

I lived my life, now my death lives me.

Let it rest, NEVER,
I will be with you and yours till there are no more.
Ahhhh, just the way I like it…..

You Got It , I’m Pissed;
You tell me, what the heck were they thinking. Putting two lone riders out in the world of fascists.
Are we now as bikers stepping backwards.
Let me ask you this, Do you stand beside, will you stand in front ?
Will You fall behind.
What are bikers today in this world…
This writer says, you are no longer structured the way bikers were.
You are truly a person whom rides a bike.
the “new democratic man.” There is only what is; and there are solutions.
Fonda’s portrayal of America ‘s face may be accurate,
but it is misleading, being only a manifestation of the real problems. It takes no great genius to know what he showed us.
It’s been here for quite some time and requires a deeper look than he gave us. To have the bikers in the film seem “right,” and have them destroyed by a couple of fascists, is to point down.
Up is the way, through organized resistance, by involvement in the movement, and not as loners, on their super SS choppers trying to escape.
There is no place for loners today.
The opposition is so well organized it is ridiculous even to comment on it.
In this light perhaps Fonda’s fate in the film had happened-standing alone
Stand alone, and you will be crushed.
That is proven every day of our lives.
That is why we have so many clubs formed.
all Kinds. Heck even against child abuse.
We need one another to make our points heard.
Dennis Hopper, we salute you, in your life and now in your death.
This writer rides to many events through many states. I have sat amongst the meek and of the strong.

Do you remember your parents telling you when you went out at Night, Safety In Numbers.
We are only strong as our weakest link.
I look to you to support me, You look to Me To be your way out.
Dennis Hopper , You won’t Rest In Peace,
I know you now, you are gritting those teeth…
Saying “Will You Ever Learn?” “NAH!”
He Now Has The Last Laugh.

By Lizz
Bikes and Bands Go Hand In Hand 

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