Father & Son First Ride

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Just about every weekend I spend riding the back roads of Missouri with buddies or heading to another state to discover a road someone may not have declared ridden yet. Not likely but I like to think that.  On those days while pulling out of the garage my teenage Son would be looking with that “Man I wish I could Go too” look on his face, which made me feel guilty.  Time seemed to be slipping by  pretty fast as I watched my Son grow up from a little kid to a young man.

I have always tried to do extreme things with my kids as they grew up and I needed a way to make some memories so I decided to get a Motorcycle safety course for his 18th B-Day.  I figured he wouldn’t outgrow it and couldn’t return it for the cash, I am pretty sure it was the highest grade he ever got on a test. The other thing was I wanted him to follow me for awhile and avoid getting wrapped up

with the wrong crowd, because The Biker Report Crowd are much nicer folks

We picked up a used Buell with hardly no miles on it and I created a new riding buddy.  In just 17 easy payments he will have the old-man payed off, he liked the pay and ride plan much better .

I peel the pavement with a 08 Harley Road Glide and now when I pull out of the garage he is in my rearview mirror and on a good day out front  with bugs in his his teeth from smiling so much.

The picture is from out first ride together in September 2009, on Great Illinois River Road. I will remember it for along time. I think he will too.

St. Charles Missouri

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