Is it just me?

By Michael Henry on

Or did Summer scream by? A few days ago, I mentioned to Rose that we were only riding once a week most weeks anymore. Now that September has arrived, it scares me to think that the cold is just around the corner.

I typically put a minimum of 5,000 miles on the bike each year. I didn’t really keep track this year, but I know it was lower than usual. The beginning of Spring and Summer were great. I spent a ton of time on the bike. It was warmer than usual, so I took advantage of it. Now, time seems to fly by, and I just haven’t been able to get out there and ride like in years past.

My mind instantly goes into scramble mode this time of year. There’s a good chance I could ride into November. There is also a chance that we would have an early Winter this year and it could be cut short. You never know. I don’t mind the cold, and have been known to ride in ridiculously cold temps, but bad road conditions are where I draw the line. I refuse to type those words this early in the year.

How about you? Have you racked up more or less miles this year? How late will you ride?

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