Auto Insurance – The el-scam-o grande

By Craven Moorehead on

Automobile Insurance – Florida’s BIGGEST SCAM!

If you are a biker, which most of you reading this are, you understand the Florida State law requiring you to have insurance. Right Bucko. There ain’t no law! Florida does NOT require you to have Motorcycle Insurance period. That is unless your bike is financed, you are under 21 years of age, or you decide you don’t want to wear a helmet to protect yer gourd. Let me explain…

The first scenario is that you are over 21 years of age, you don’t wanna go without a skid-lid and your motorcycle is completely paid for. Cool! Yer the man! (or woman) You had the perseverance and the dough to just BUY a motorcycle and enjoy the benefits of riding an affordable and economical vehicle which has the outstandingly excellent perk of making you look cool going down the road! Great! It’s paid for, you wear a helmet, you’re 21 and you DON’T have to bow down (or bend over) for the BIGGEST SCAM in all of history! I praise you people. But don’t go pattin yerself on the back too quickly. Read on to see how the Insurance Lobby, the State of Florida, and the Insurance Companies are STILL gonna stick it in your butt!

The second scenario is that your motorcycle is financed. If this is the case, the crooked ass finance piranhas bite a big piece of your butt off requiring you to have Full Coverage insurance on your bike. Does this requirement protect you?? Well, not in the real sense of the word. Yeah, you figured it out. Ultimately it protects THEM!! Sure they don’t want to lose one tenth of a cent when they are having a go at your a-hole at 15 percent interest. NO. It isn’t enough that you will be paying $42,000.00 for that $17,000 FX you just hauled out of your ‘friendly’ Harley dealer. Look at the finance contract. You will see that if you live long enough, you could have bought 4 new motorcycles for the cost of the life of the loan that you just signed. That is if you were rich enough to pay cash. Since most of us aren’t we just sign up and pay out the ying-yang until the bike isn’t worth one tenth of it’s original value. Oh yeah, I forgot. Then there’s that ‘other’ payment. Your “full coverage” insurance. The crooks at the bank REQUIRE you to protect ‘their’ property until you bleed out every cent you owe them. Don’t give up on me yet! Read on to see how the SCAM of a lifetime affects ALL of us!

The third scenario is that you decide that you don’t want to wear a helmet in the state of Florida. That’s cool, just as long as you can pay your INSURANCE! In this case, the most expensive of all. Medical insurance. Why is it that you can live in the ghetto, drive a fifty dollar car, run over whomever you want to, and cause grievous bodily harm plus property damage and NEVER have to buy ANY kind of insurance?? I dunno… Maybe you ain’t a biker Homie. Because if you were, you would be stopped and harassed by law enforcement on a regular basis, just because you weren’t wearing a helmet – even though Florida law allows this practice based on the insurance factor. No, the coppers ain’t stopping you to tell you that you could fall on your head and be brain dead like the Florida Legislature, NO! They are simply checking for insurance cards, and you better bet your ass that if you don’t have one, you’ll spend your children’s inheritance getting your license back! Are you getting bored yet?? You will be, sitting at home without a driver license if ya don’t act right, and PAY UP!! Keep reading… It gets better (or worse if you are like a lot of folks!)

There are probably several other scenarios that you as a biker could encounter regarding the shiftless mobsters in the Florida Legislature, and the communistic Insurance dictatorship that leads the lawmakers around by their tallywhacker. But the one that most don’t even consider is the worst of all. Lets assume the you are just a regular kinda biker dude, that rides his motorcycle for fun (or to save on fuel costs) on a regular basis. Because you are just an average person, and have an average job, you may have another vehicle. Lets say a pick-up truck or a SUV, mini-van or whatever. And then on the worst day of your life, you lose your job and are unable to pay for your insurance – NO not the insurance on the bike – the insurance on four-wheeled ‘whatever’ that you also own. So a few weeks pass, and yeah, you can’t make the payment for the cage’s insurance, and yer damn sure not going to give up drinkin beer and smoking cigarettes or going to the gentleman’s club. So there you are sitting around the trailer park reading the classifieds trying to find another job when the mailman stops by. He reaches into his sack and drags out a letter from the state of Florida. Hoping it is your first un-employment check, you rip right into it, and begin to read. It goes just exactly like this:

Dear: Joe Biker Dude
Your automobile insurer has informed us that your vehicle policy is no longer in effect.
Policy Number: 1234XXX
Florida Law requires that you maintain coverage as long as the vehicle is registered in your name and has a valid tag. Your insurance information must be updated immediately to avoid your license, tag(s)
And registration(s) being suspended.

(I will spare you the agony of re-typing the remainder of this extortion threat that was issued by our good ol boy network in Tallahassee.)

Whaddaf(%%# you think to yourself. How can this be??? How can the turds at the State of Florida take away my driver license just because I can’t afford to buy insurance for my old wreck of a truck? Heck I don’t even drive it anyway, but if they DO take away my license, I won’t be able to ride my motorcycle either. RIGHT! You Won’t be able to ride your motorcycle EITHER!! Now I have your attention…..

Then you sit back and scratch your head, and think out loud…. “Well, if I’m not required to have ANY kind of insurance on my motorcycle in this S#!t bag state, how the hell can they take away my right to ride my motorcycle because of my old truck”???? Ahhhh… The answer to that question is easy! You have just been caught up in the biggest SCAM in the history of transportation. It probably dates back to the days of the horse and buggy, but for the sake of brevity I will condense this very important information.

The insurance lobby in the state of Florida has PAID the Legislature to pass laws that allow law enforcement, operating under the directive of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to remove you from the highway for not PAYING your rite of passage to the Insurance Companies. This my friends and dedicated readers is simply EXTORTION. But instead of it being illegal to FORCE someone to purchase ‘title of nobility’ to act, travel at will and operate as a free agent in a ‘free’ country without monetary fees, fines or other valuable encumbrances, it is NOW illegal for that person to exercise his constitutional rights.

You remember where I quoted the letter as saying that “your license, tags and registrations will be suspended” if you do NOT PAY??? Well, as simple as extortion can be explained away (and called law), it can be seen in action right here in Florida.

1. A corporate interest using law enforcement to collect funds from every person that wishes to travel in the state is beyond extortion, it is strong arm robbery. Criminal acts performed by your very own officer friendly at the directive of the state make your local cops accessories after the fact.

2. Licenses, registrations and ‘tags’ are simple ‘titles of nobility’ and are not in harmony with constitutional law. ( A title of nobility is a freedom granted when a right is taken away from a person and sold back to him under ”license” or “title” from a government or agency.

So what’s the bottom line here? Are we all suckers that have been duped since birth thinking that the only way to survive here is to ‘obey the law’ even when the ‘law’ is corrupted through corporate greed?? Evidently so. I’m sure that this goes on everywhere. After all, if we are stupid enough to let this happen and complacent enough to not react to simple crime, then we are all rubes waiting for the next hustler to come by. Don’t be a victim!

Oh, wait…. It’s too late. No one can fight city hall – or can they – It’s time to grow some gonads people. Lets get out there and let the Florida law makers know that we have had enough of their participation in illegal activities. Maybe if we all banded together we could get these criminals to impose a tax on 4 wheeled vehicles payable to each biker that rides in this state. I’m sure if the State’s cut was big enough, they would certainly do it! Me, I ain’t worried.. They can have my tags licenses and registrations and stick ‘em up their butt! I’ll still be riding, and raising hell everywhere! Catch me if you can defenders of the corporate machine…… And remember YOU are the problem and I AM the SOLUTION!! F. O.

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