What 5 bikes do you want in your garage?

By Michael Henry on

As I sit here blankly staring at my computer, I am struggling to come up with a post for today. I start scouring through motorcycle media outlets and nothing is sparking my interest. I start Googling (if that’s a word) bikes and then it hits me. What type of bikes would I really love to have in my garage? Perfect.

So, I start typing bike names and types into Google. There are so many bikes that I want in my garage. How can I narrow it to five? Perhaps this post should be top 50 bikes I would like to have in my garage. That would take forever to put together and it’s pretty late. So, I picked the first five that came to mind and added them to the blog. It started to weigh heavily towards the sport bike arena, so I added a few touring bikes to balance it out. Here’s what I came up with:

Sport Bike

Honda RC51 – I have loved the RC51 from the first day it heard that intoxicating exhaust note. That V-Twin sound has always resonated in my head, making me want to someday own this motorcycle. There is a guy around here that drives by my house almost everyday on his RC51 and it will get me up out of my chair every time to run to the window. I absolutely love the looks and sound of this bike. Someday, I would love to ride one of these and eventually own it. If you have one, let me know. Would love to meet up with you and check it out.

MV Agusta – Another bike I have loved for quite some time is the MV Agusta F4. It is one of the finest Italian motorcycles made. Another thing I have always liked about it is that no one I know has one. It’s a beautiful motorcycle that has a long racing history stretching back to the 1940s. I remember seeing my very first MV Agusta at Lime Rock back in the early 2000s. I had heard of them, but had never seen one in person. As I walked around the infield area, I saw an open trailer. Inside, I saw my very first MV Agusta. It was love at first site. Like a fine Italian sports car, it had amazing lines. It was beautiful. Plus Angelina Jolie rode up on one in “Gone in Sixty Seconds.”

Ducati 916/996/999/1098/1198 – I might be a little undecided on this one. I have loved the Ducati ever since I saw my first 916 back in the 90s. It is a gorgeous bike, steeped in a magnificent racing history. Ducati is ‘the’ sportbike to ride from what I have been told. Shamefully, I have never been on a Ducati in my life. I have heard everything from “they are only good on a track” to “it’s the best bike you’ll ever ride”. Like the RC51, the exhaust note on the Ducati is quite intoxicating. I would love to ride one someday. Anyone know if our local dealer allows test rides? I would love to try one out. I think the first time I remember clearly seeing a Ducati was in the movie “Fled” with Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin.


Victory Vision – I know I’ll take some heat on this one, but too bad. I didn’t like the looks of the Vision the first time I saw it. As a matter of fact, I thought it was ugly. But, as I looked at it more closely and found out a little more about what it had to offer, I grew to like it quite a bit. Since then, I have met quite a few people that own them, and they have nothing but good things to say about them. I am waiting for the 2011 model to land in our area, and then I will take our local dealer up on an offer to ride it and share my review with you.

Sport Touring

BMW K1300GT – I wrote a review about this bike a few weeks ago. I had the chance to ride it and really loved it. It had a few features that the FJR didn’t and a little more horsepower to boot. The K1300GT handled extremely well too. I learned a few things that day. BMW riders are very serious about their bikes and I really want one of these in the garage. I am kind of afraid to go back to the BMW dealer to ride more, as I might want one of each. Especially the S1000RR.

What five bikes would you like to have in your garage?

**BMW image courtesy of CleanMPG.com
**Victory image courtesy of AMA
**Honda image courtesy of Motorcyclist
** MV Agusta image courtesy of Heavy Bikes
**Ducati image courtesy of Out of the window I saw

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