How long do you ride?

By Michael Henry on

As I was riding home from my weekly ride on Wednesday night, I noticed that it was a lot cooler than it had been for the last few months. At that point, reality sort of set in, and it was very clear that the end of riding season is near.

I had on my “riding pants” (read: ski pants that are extremely warm) over my jeans and my TourMaster jacket. I wore a long sleeve shirt that night because I knew the ride home was going to be a little chilly. I hadn’t put my liner back in my jacket yet, as it’s a little too early for that. Maybe in a few more weeks I will break down and get it back in there.

When I got home, I looked at the thermometer and it read 53. Now, 53 degrees isn’t all that cold. It’s a heat wave come March or April. But, after months of pretty hot weather, 53 is a little chilly. A few more times out in that weather and I will be OK with it. I just have to get my body used to it. Then, once it gets down in the 30s, I will bring out the heavy leather FXRG jacket and keep riding.

I was just discussing this with another rider the other night. I don’t mind riding in the cold. It’s not the cold that gets me, it’s the bulky gear that makes it uncomfortable. Then again, there’s always heated gear. But that’s a luxury, and a darn expensive one. If it works well and extends the season, maybe it is worth it. Of course, I’ve been riding all these years without it. Why should I start now?

How late into the year do you ride? Do you use heated gear to extend the riding season?


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