Get me some cheese to go with my whine

By Michael Henry on

Over the last few years, people have asked me why I stay in the Northeast. When the leaves fall off the trees and winter rolls in, I get really bummed out. That means the bikes have to be put away. It also means that it gets gloomy and then the snow comes.

I have two major passions in life. One, obviously, is motorcycles. The other is photography. When winter rolls around, both of them kind of go down the toilet. I don’t like the cold, so snowmobiling is out for me. I don’t sky either, because it’s cold.
Then why do I stay here? Because as a biker (or motorcyclist if that makes you feel better), there is nothing like the scenery we have here in the Northeast. The mountains are amazing, from both a biker and a photography standpoint. The colors we see in the fall are some of the most amazing scenery I have seen in my life. That is a huge part of the reason I stay here.

On Friday and Saturday, I got to see those colors firsthand. I spent both days on the bike. On Friday, I went to New Hampshire with a couple of friends. The colors were amazing. We rode up to the New Hampshire border, got gas and then hit Curtis’ BBQ in Putney, VT. The restaurant was an old bus with a BBQ Pit outside. The weather was great. It was about 70 and clear blue skies. I got in 250 miles that day. The only downside was the wind gusts. They were blowing me all over. Here’s a clip:

So, throughout the winter, I find things to keep me occupied indoors and wait it out. It wont be long til the bikes are back out again. Tune in tomorrow for details from Saturday’s ride…

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