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By Michael Henry on

On Saturday, I got the FJR back from the dealer. It was a lack of communication on my part that led them to have to order in the tires I wanted for the bike, but that’s another story for another day.

I picked the bike up and headed straight to Peaches to meet our friends that had decided to ride with us. We had discussed going North to Vermont, but I had been in Vermont four times in the last two weeks. I also realized that time was running out to get in my favorite ride – Route 23A in the Catskills.

We had some breakfast and hopped on the bikes. I varied the route a little bit so I could get over to Route 308 in Delmar. It’s an amazing road with lots of twisties. The tires had about ten miles on them, so I had to take it easier than usual, but still had fun. My main goal was to get that 40-50 miles on the tires and “scuff” them up so they wouldn’t be too slippery.

We went down 32 until we were just outside Palenville. There we picked up 23A and the fun began. I warned my friend not to try and keep up and I would met him at the Stewarts at the top of the hill. I had a little fun coming up the hill and met them afterwards. It was exhilarating. That road is by far my favorite road in the area to ride. And I almost missed riding it this year.

When we stopped at Stewarts, we met a gentleman and his wife that had a dog in a crate on the back of their bike. He told me about the side road that left the Stewarts parking lot that had some pretty amazing houses and a really old church that made for some great pictures! Along the road, there were a bunch of huge houses with towers that seemed to be 50 feet high or so. I assume they were lookouts for the view, but they were pretty cool! Don’t watch this video if you get motion sickness! Rose was hand-holding the camera, and turned it a few times.

After we left the church, we took Route 23 for a bit. I was looking to hit 30 back up to 20, but went west instead of East. A few miles later, I saw a sign for Stamford, and got a huge smile on my face. I chimed in to Rose through the headset and said that I couldn’t help but notice where we are and what just happens to be close by. I could almost hear the smile form on her face!

We were about 20 miles from Brooks BBQ. We stopped and confered with our friends. They were happy to go, so off we went. If you’ve never been there, Brooks (in Oneonta) has some of the most amazing chicken and ribs. I’ve never been disappointed with Brooks.

We took 7 back to 20 and parted ways. The day was perfect and we did 200 miles through some of the most amazing scenery I can ever remember seeing. What an amazing day.

Did you get out for a ride this weekend? Where did you go?

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