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By Michael Henry on

Yesterday, I mentioned that I got new tires put on the FJR. I had been riding the V-rod and wasn’t in a huge hurry to get the new tires done. I had already spent a large part of the summer riding the FJR while the V-rod sat in the garage, so it felt good to ride it again.

I heard about a new (to me) type of tire, and did a little research on the brand. The brand is called Shinko. I understand that Shinko bought the tire process and molds of Yokohama. From almost every person that wrote a review, the tires were performing very well. They offer two types of tire that I was interested in. The 009s are designed for sportbikes. Lots of grip, but short life span. The 011s (or Verge) are still a nice, sticky tire with a heavier center for highway miles. The stronger center will make them last a lot longer under the added weight of the bike, bags and passenger.

I picked the bike up from the dealer Saturday morning and went right into the Catskills trip I talked about yesterday. I worked them pretty hard for 200 miles and never once felt a slip or like I was losing grip. Even at 10 miles when I pushed it over pretty far. If you look closely at the pics, you can see that I use most of the tire. There’s only about an inch left on the edge that hasn’t touched the road. That will change once I get back out on it again.

I am not a kneedragger by any means, but, as you can see, I do get it over pretty far. These tires really seem to hold the road nicely. Now, let’s just hope they last 5 or 6 thousand miles. I’ll try to remember to update you on these tires as the miles rack up. So far, I’ve got about 280 miles on them and they seem great. Honestly, I’ve never had a pair or tires slip on me. I can’t really feel a difference between tires. Am I missing something?

What tires do you prefer? Why?

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