Great seafood stop in South Florida

By Harlera on

Riding through A1A by the beach is a wonderful experience. If the weather is good and you stop at a good place for lunch the ride can be even better. Last week watching “Diners, drive-ins and Dives” on the Food Network I saw this great place in Deerfield beach called “Whale’s Rib”. The food looked so good that we had to go. It was a 30 mile ride and totally worth it.

From Miami to Deerfield Beach you can either take I-95 or go closer to the sea on A1A. This last option is much nicer, you have some lights and of course beach traffic but it’s such a scenery road that I highly recommend it.

Once we got to the “Whale’s Rib” we had fried oysters and their Key West Dolphin Sandwich that was amazing! The whale fries with their “Whale Juice” is great! The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

So if you feel like riding for a good bite, totally worth it!


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