Honoring Those Who Serve Throughout 2011

By CharityPatch on

CharityPatch.com is winning the hearts and minds of fellow Americans by word of mouth in a grass roots way.

When good seed is planted and provided with the support it needs, growth results.

CharityPatch.com promotes the idea of Bikers nationwide organizing local monthly September 11th tribute rides on the 11th of each month throughout 2011 to show honor, love and respect to our veterans, first responders and service men and women.

The idea is simple and its time has come.

What can you do to help?

  • Visit the CharityPatch.com website right now and check the idea out.
  • Tell your contacts about the idea.
  • Collaborate with your contacts.
  • Organize local rides.
  • Share your local ride ideas with others.
  • Participate in your local rides and share your gifts and talents.
  • Support Veteran’s charities
  • Please tell those veterans charities CharityPatch.com sent you.

    We just love it when that happens

    We’re working feverishly to get seed planted.

    Join the cause and watch us grow.

    Be apart of something bigger than yourself.

    You’ll get more out of this than you ever put into it!

    CharityPatch.com – A website of love, honor and respect to veterans, first responders, and service men and women.

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