The Meanstreet Riders release press photos and get ready to release their debut album.

By Mary on

A recent ride with the MeanStreet Riders in the NW Florida area was captured by photographer Michael Loftis.The Riders got a chance to pop the clutch, stretch their engines release some press photos and captured some road miles for inspiration for a few new songs. Truly theres no replacement for displacement for rock n roll on the open road in NW Fl.

Advance copies of the Riders album was recently reviewed by Bikes in the Fast Lane Motorcycle news editor Mike Werner who gave it a great review for music written from riders for  riders everywhere around the world

The Riders were also included as the featured artist all month long from OutBound music one of the premier music sites for independant artsists

Their long awaited debut album looks like it will drop in June 2011 and will be available on J&P cycles and many more aftermarket motorcycle parts magazines along with Amazon. The Riders continue to pick fans across the world with over 24,000 in 78 countries on their facebook fansite and their website

Details about the release will continue to follow.

LR Dowlin Mayfield guitars/vocals, Kevin Lacour Drums/vocals,Greg Torres Keboards/vocals, Eric Lampley Bass/vocals Shannon Wallace guitars/vocals ©Michael Loftis Photography

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