To Hell With The Weather!

By Tommy on

While the rest of North America is settling into a record breaking heat wave, the Pacific Northwest is experiencing some of it’s wettest summer weather on record! For two months now, many people have been asking the question,  “what happened to summer?” The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind and we’ve yet to string together more than a few sunny days in a row.

As frustrating as it is, the next few weeks promise to be some of the best and busiest in years for motorcyclists in our little area of the world. This is due to the amount of upcoming events happening and the exposure being given to them.

July 22-24 in the western themed town of Winthrop, Wa, is the Tumbleweed Run “9”.

This event has been organized by the Great Northwest Hog Chapter 2855 and Lynnwood Harley Davidson and it’s now in it’s 9th year. Although a smaller event there is still going to be more than enough to do. Poker Run, bike parade, live music, biker games and more!  This is an “all bikes welcome” event and the location is absolutely amazing. The Methow Valley is an idyllic setting and Winthrop already has a reputation for being motorcycle friendly. With every building downtown having been restored to it’s turn of the century appearance and the town embracing it’s western roots, you just have to trade out horses for motorcycles and you feel like you’re in the wild west! Add to the fact that Winthrop sits at the foot of the Cascades on highway 20, a highway that Destination Highway rated the #1 motorcycle road in Washington, and you have a recipe for a great weekend.

There are also two events this weekend on my side of the border in Canada.

From July 14-17 in Merritt, British Columbia, is the Great Canadian Bike Rally!

This one is being done as a fundraiser for two great charities, The BC Children’s Hospital and Circle Square Ranch. It’s proximity to Vancouver promises to make this a well attended event for a couple of very worthwhile causes. With plenty of biker games, the Miss Biker Canada Pageant, vendors and concerts, this is a weekend that shouldn’t be missed. And to top it off, the iconic Canadian blues great, Colin James will be headlining the mainstage on Saturday night. I’ve seen him live and he puts on one of the best shows I’ve ever been to!

And, quite possibly the biggest rally of them all, Sturgis North!

Starting today, July 13th, and running until July 17th in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, The first annual Sturgis North has the goal of becoming the biggest motorcycle rally in Canadian history! And with the concert line-up they’ve arranged and the number of times they’ve had to expand it’s planned locations, I think they might very well achieve this status. The amount of sponsors and events are too many to mention and the buzz that has been going on for this event has been non-stop for the last 6 months. Like Sturgis S.D., location is everything to Salmon Arm. Situated in the heart of arguably the best and most abundant motorcycle riding in Canada, and possibly the Pacific Northwest, makes this the perfect place to carry on the Sturgis tradition. Mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, desert and high alpine forests. There is no lack of scenery or twisties in this motorcycle riders mecca. As for the music side of things,  it’s being said that this will be the largest collection of Canadian rock bands ever assembled for one event! Imagine singing along with thousands of fellow bikers when John Kay and Steppenwolf take the stage to belt out Born To Be Wild this Saturday night!

Weather be damned! The next few weeks are going to be heaven for bikers in our corner of North America with no lack of exciting things to do or places to ride to! Unfortunately I’m only going to be able to make it to The Tumbleweed Run “9” but I promise to follow up with the people I know heading to the other events and as soon as I have a chance I’ll fill you in on how they went. It should be interesting and I can’t wait to hear all the stories and create a few of my own.

Keep on riding The Good Ride!


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