911 I Was Asked… Is There A Story?

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I Was Asked…. Is There A Story ?
Every picture tells a story. Everyone you meet has a memory.
From the time of the attacks , no one was ever the same again.
New York was always on the Map. The melting pot of millions.
Where else Pennsylvania. Why is the question ? I can tell you from my side mostly.
Because they Can. Who are we , Why are we any different from any one else ?
Was the attack plotted and planned ? Of course… Were we sitting on ours hands knowing it was coming? Probably. What we do next is how We will seem to millions.
The part that this writer plays in this story Is to shoot as many pictures as I can, Every picture tells a story.
They know that you may have struck on our land, Damaged Our Grounds, our minds.
You will never damage our souls . We toughen up by the only way we know how. We attack back With all we got.
Now we remember so we may never forget , The lesson you thought us On this day.
We all know “We are all In this Together”. Words need not be spoken, quiet prayer, loud machines , we were there so you know We Know We shall Never forget, and in doing So we live more stronger, more powerful , More so.
For We are All In This Together.

I Was Asked….
Is There A Story ?
I rode with a few from Bethlehem Pennsylvania, on route 378.
We rode past Schochs Harley Davidson in Stroudsburg, where they picked up a few.
We continue on our ride to our next meet up.
We rode past Schochs Harley Davidson in Stroudsburg, where they picked up a few.
We Continued our ride where stopped to put on our helmets, some relieved themselves
On The State Highway, We were on Cameras. Funny, but , Every picture tells a story.

We continued our ride where there were hundreds more,Tramontin Harley Davidson, Blairstown New Jersey
What a site to be seen. Fire Trucks, State Troopers. On and Off Duty. Hundreds lined the parking lot while the band played on.
Story be told, some were there to protest the Religious Antics.
All were there to pay their respects , and just to remember. Some felt it was time to go back
Many knew this day was hard but needed to be done.
The entire day was lined with state police. We were honored along the route.
Cameras were every where, There would be no violence this day.
We knew they knew Bikers Take No grief. We knew they Knew we were going to say our peace.
We did not go to the site, That I was disappointed in.
All traffic in New Jersey was stopped for us to pass. Mostly who would have known,
They shut down New York City in all directions for one mile of bikers. No one In , No One
Please , view my photos , read what you see.
Glad to have been apart of The Heart The Soul Of Those We remember

#1 ….The Gentleman with the spoon tells the story of his favorite Eatery,
how he would always come away with a spoon.
Today was his first time back.

#2…. Rode with me from Route 378 Bethlehem Pa. His first time
into New York
#3… Our Final Stop Was here. The street was blocked off .
I was disappointed that this be our final destination
This was his last spoon

By Lizz
Bikes and Bands Go Hand In Hand

Reposted from her 2010 stories

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