911 Shall Never Leave Our Minds by Lizz Devine

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The Second Chapter,

He worked in the Banquet Department at Windows on The World Restaurant which was located on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower. He was a waiter. The spoon is one of the serving spoons that they used. He has a few of them at home He says they tended to end up in his pocket at the end of the night. He tells me to ask any waiter and he/she will likely admit to having a stash of spoons, corkscrews and cucumbers in a drawer at home.

Since just about everything that day was vaporized in the fire, this  spoon He holding is one of the few remaining in tact artifacts from the World Trade Center. He had left the employ of Windows on The World some time before 9/11, but it is his understanding that something like 76 restaurant staffers died in the attack. He has sent me a link To a famous picture of a Windows waiter plunging to his death :

He tells me he was also at Ground Zero shortly after the attack. He continues to tell me he went down to Exchange Place on the Jersey City side of theHudson River and was loading Tug boats with supplies. He says he ended up carrying acetylene tanks onto one of the boats and was so tired that “I sat down on the boat for a moment to rest. The next thing I knew, we were crossing the river and I spent the rest of the night resupplying rescue workers and washing out search dogs eyes. It was a couple of months before I could bring myself to clean the dust off my boots.” end of quote. My friends, let me introduce you to Vince… I’m sorry my Tears are flowing.

My story goes on, 

How ever no end to my story . This wonderful man held a spoon this past anniversary we rode 9-11-2010 through the ride were police, Helicopters fire trucks. We were all under watch. More so that day than any other. We came by the thousands on our bikes, to show our respects. They thought we were there to fight the Masque . We hate the idea.We are bikers first. We were there to watch their backs, The dead are still there, Please , Please leave them alone. Let them rest i peace.

 My story goes on, so that we shall never forget… never ever forget

By Lizz
Bikes and Bands Go Hand In Hand

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