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It is well-know that bikers like to get together to ride for charity.  We most often hear of group-ride, daytime events.  Every now and again we learn about exceptional indivduals who are using their motorcycles for charity in new and creative ways.  The “Blood Bikes” of SERV (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) in the UK are just such a team.

Blood Bikes volunteers donate their time, use their own bikes, and typically ride alone, at night 20 to 100 miles each time to deliver blood and other critical medical supplies to hospitals.  Called “Blood Runners”, each volunteer donates about two nights a month, answering last-minute calls to deliver these life-saving blood supplies.  Each year over 500 deliveries are made in the UK by the SERV all-volunteer Blood Bikes riders.  A common delivery for these riders is a box containing 14 units of blood (7 litres).

Prior to joining the SERV team, each rider goes through special training to ensure that they understand and adhere to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) standards and SERV procedures.  Each rider also goes through an assessment to ensure safe motorcycle riding for the delivery of these critical packages.

The SERV team works 365 days a year, including all holidays.  SERV is a completely independent charity and relies on volunteers and donations to provide their free service.  Look them up online and see their “Help Us” page to get involved.

Watch the included video about Roger, one of the Blood Bikes volunteers, who uses his Honda ST1300 “Pan European” 1261cc liquid-cooled V4 engine, his  “super-reliable workhorse” to make the SERV runs.  Also look up Honda Stories or find Honda UK Motorcycles on Facebook to read more interesting stories about how other riders are using their Honda motorcycles.

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