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Often I would mentally note places to take shelter when storms threatened to interrupt my day’s ride.  Eventually I learned to carry raingear simply because a rider can’t depend upon find an overpass when it’s needed.  While most rainsuits function better than improvised garbage bags, some are better than others.

Hogg Toggs are a redesigned version of Frogg Toggs.  Constructed of three layers of polypropylene film that has been perforated with tiny holes 20,000 times smaller than a water drop, this raingear is breathable and guaranteed to stay dray at any speed.  Seams are reinforced and have reflective piping.  The jacket has 1-inch wrist- and waistband. The front zipper is augmented by a storm flap, rain gutter, and rustproof snaps. A hood is zippered into the collar. The pants have an elastic waistband with a 1-inch integral belt and quick-release buckle, two zippered pockets, 12-inch zippered leg openings, and stirrups.  They’re lightweight and take up slightly less space than conventional raingear.  They even come in biker colors.

I’m a fan of this company’s products, but I doubt Hogg Toggs were designed by anyone who rides a motorcycle.  They fit perfectly fine as street wear (which is how I use them).  However, when riding the legs and sleeves are too short and the elastic snap-on stirrups don’t function well (I lost one the first day I wore them). Furthermore, the 3/4-inch wide, 3-inch long Velcro ankle closure tab is inadequate.  I would recommend buying them one size too large if you want them as raingear for riding.

Unlike conventional raingear, you won’t experience the dreaded “sauna effect” when wearing Hogg Toggs and this material is 100% waterproof. Beware that polypropylene film instantly melts when it touches a hot exhaust pipe, which is why Hogg Toggs come with a “Smokin Toad” heat-shield kit.  This heat resistant patch measures 9.75 x 5.5 inches and is applied with Toad Patch Adhesive to the area where your leg might come in contact with hot pipes (it can also be used to patch a puncture).

Hogg Toggs were tested while on the bike even though I intend to use them as après-riding wear.



Size: Small – XXXL

Colors: black; black/yellow; black/orange.

Whitehorse Gear (800) 531-1133  www.Whitehorsegear.com

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