Aviva UK – I’ve Heard That Line Somewhere Before

By ldidsbury on

If you have seen one of the Aviva media ads before, you have probably seen some quirky characters. You might have seen the Silver Surfer (an older gent online in a coffee shop), or Goth Rhys (the spooky rocker) or Plymouth Phil (the English football fan). These Aviva originals have even developed quite an online following on YouTube.com. This month Aviva continues the trendy advertising by inviting you to get to know fisherman Ollie, star of the new Aviva MultiCar ad, in this exclusive extra video clip.

There was another Aviva video with Ollie’s best fishing joke, but we decided to run with the “I’ve Heard That Line Somewhere Before” video instead. Let’s just say that Ollie makes a better fisherman than joke teller. So, can you guess which movie Ollie is mimicking? I’ll give you a hint…look at the hat he is wearing and think Vietnam Conflict. Gave it away did I? Well, then click on the link at the end of the video and check out fisherman Ollie’s creative Interactive Garage to learn more about Aviva.

Don’t let the funny characters fool you — Aviva is serious about being your insurance provider. Aviva is a leading provider of life and pension products in Europe (including the UK) with substantial positions in other markets around the world. One of the largest insurance providers in the world, Aviva has the wherewithall to save you some serious money on your insurance needs. BTW, I checked and Aviva does offer motorcycle insurance…with a 15% discount for multi-product purchase. And, if you were thinking about taking a serious European road-trip, Aviva motorcycle insurance automatically covers you to ride in any European Union countries, to the minimum level of insurance required (usually the equivalent of UK third party only). Check out the Motorcycle FAQ on their website. (This article contains promotional content but the rest of the words and ideas are pretty much all ours….)

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