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By: President, and Woman Rider, Tammie G. Longhitano.

I came up with the idea of Honeys on Hogs in May of 2003, and have been working very hard on moving forward in establishing a women’s product for motorcycle riding. My idea started after I bought my 1998 Harley Davidson 1200, customer sportster. Purple of course, with lots of chrome. Realizing my love for the sport I put over 15,000 miles on my bike the first year I had it.

I began to wonder why it was so difficult to find things, like apparel to fit me in a stylish, a womanly kind of way. I also found that a lot of the items were the same things over and over again, just maybe in a different color. I found it very difficult to find a good pair of eyewear that would actually fit my face, and protect me while I rode.

Things began to click and I came up with “HONEYS ON HOGS”. After waiting 3 years for my trademark I was ready to go.

My goal is the following:

To establish a women’s line of apparel. Giving you the look of sexy, but safe, and seductive. That fits all shapes and sizes. So you look like a woman on your motorcycle while you ride, and feeling like one too.

To establish a female motorcycle club, for women only. Doing charitable events, and group outings. Raising money for women in need, locally and nationwide.

To establish a riders education for women. To teach them how to ride motorcycles. With a roster list of other women riders that can be called on to buddy ride. Advanced rider’s education, to help women learn how to maintain the motorcycles, and much more.

To establish a women motorcycle magazine. A quarterly magazine to update woman rider’s on what is going on with the club. Where the money is going. Goals on charitable events coming up. Educating them with women related articles, health and well being.
Create an assortment of motorcycle accessories. Making your bike a bit more feminine but adding a touch of class.

Research has shown that out of every 10 people riding motorcycles today, that 4 of them are women. That is 40% out of 100%, and growing rapidly. I feel it is time to accommodate these women who are finding their new love of motorcycle riding. It is time to give them the proper attire and knowledge to be the best that they can be.

I ask you to stay tuned. There is a lot to come.

For questions on Honey’s on Hogs, please feel free to email me at:

Honeysonhogs@aol.com and check out the website: honeysonhogs.net, or honeysonhogs.com

Look forward to seeing you on the road. Be safe.

Your President & CEO

Honey’s On Hogs INC.

Tammie G. Longhitano

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