The Revolutionary Reevu Helmet – A peer review

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Grant Delahoy
Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria President.

A recent MAIDS* in depth investigation of accidents involving powered Two Wheel Vehicles in Europe shows that 80.2% of crashes involve another vehicle, with 75% of these on urban roads. The majority of these (60%) were with a passenger car and 54.3% of all the collisions were at an intersection. Human error was factored as the primary causation in 87.5% of all the collisions with 50.4% of these by the driver of the other vehicle. These errors were defined as Perception failures, Comprehension failures, Decision failures and Reaction failures and “speed” of the motorcycle was not found not to be a factor in 73.8% of cases. This is echoed in another truly scientific study by NHTSA** in the USA which found nearly 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involved some form of driver inattention within three seconds before the event. A University of Adelaide study*** found that rear end crashes comprised 36% of all city crashes and 34% of all metropolitan area crashes. It is not hard to see from this that for a motorcycle rider, any improvement in their ability to know what’s going on around them is going to be of benefit with regards to their safety.

It’s been a long wait from the first stories that appeared about the ReeVu helmet. Being able to see behind you when riding is one of those ideas that just makes sense but in practice took a lot of development to perfect, especially one that has no batteries or electronics. Now that they are available on the Australian market I was keen to see for myself whether the end result lived up to the hype.

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