Female Bikers Make History on the Road in Virginia

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Picture filming a group of motorbike riders in rural Virginia, with Harley gliding over smooth pavement. That’s what we shot as part of our upcoming, Museum Secrets: Inside the Smithsonian Institution, in which we explore the secret of the Harley-Davidson.

While we were on the shoot for Museum Secrets: Inside the Smithsonian Institution we caught up with some women who are passionate about motorbikes. The number of female bikers is growing and these women tell us what they love about riding their hogs.

Watch our latest behind the scenes video from our TV shoot:
Female Bikers Make History on the Road in Virginia, USA (Vlog)

Watch for TV episode “Museum Secrets: Inside the Smithsonian Institution” we are exploring the Secret of a 1913 model Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the Smithsonian Institution’s Paul Garber Restoration Center. And, we are delving into the secrets of why the Harley-Davidson is the bike of choice for so many riders and what makes it so appealing, as well as more about the history of the bike.

Our TV series has a higher-quality, more polished feeling – and for those who aren’t familiar with the TV show; we recommend taking a look at some of our higher quality videos on our official website. For example; http://museumsecrets.tv/dossier.php?o=107&pmo=110

In a few weeks our website museumsecrets.tv will have all the new episodes up there; with more short web videos.

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Now in its third season, the premiere broadcast of our hit TV series Museum Secrets starts in March 2013 on History (Canada); and later in the year on Yesterday Channel (UK) and Smithsonian Channel (USA).

On our forthcoming episode “Museum Secrets: Inside the Smithsonian Institution” audiences can discover more about the history of America and several of the museums’ intriguing treasures. Our website museumsecrets.tv will soon have lots of videos available to audiences around the world.


  1. Don’t embellish stuff especially when the target audience have experience what you are reporting on. I’ve put 18,000 miles on a Street Glide in Virginia and it was the worst miles I have ridden in my lifetime. The roads in VA are shit and not compatable with ridding on two wheels. Pot holes and tar strips and expansion joints that are wide and deep as the Grand Canyon. That’s what you should have stated. Riding in VA was like ridding a bucking bronco, many times I was so close to have been launched off my bike. Write the true shit or maybe you only rode a mile and making up the rest, ask any biker who has ridden in VA and they will tell you the truth. Frigging media, bunch of losers!

  2. Paco,

    Thank you for your unabashed comments and opinion of riding the roads in Virginia. At Bikers Report we publish stories as they are provided by various writers and organizations without inserting our own opinions. That being said, we welcome open, respectful dialogue that draws out other opinions and viewpoints.

    I have personally ridden across Virginia only once (on a Yamaha 1100 Custom)…but was on the Interstates for the most part, so my ride experience wasn’t too bad except for being caught in the rush hour traffic outside of Quantico. Come to think of it, there were section breaks in the road like mini speedbumps in some places…but I have definitely encountered worse in some states. The scenery along Interstate 81 is quite enjoyable…

    Anyone else want to weigh in on riding in Virginia?

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