Daytona Bike Week – My Opening Day Ride

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Today is the first day of Daytona Bike Week. I was invited by Dwain DeVille, author of The Bikers Guide to Business, to ride to a Daytona Bike Week Swap Meet just north of The Cabbage Patch with a local Orlando group that goes by the name FASC – “Friday Afternoon Social Club”. The group is a bunch entrepreneurs and veterans, most of whom reside somewhere around Orlando. I was probably the junior rider in the group, and being that I “ain’t from around here” I elected to follow the group on the ’06 Heritage Softail loaner I was riding. We started with about 7 riders, dropped a couple at our first stop, the Fox Head Lounge, and picked up a couple more on the way to the Swap Meet.

The Swap Meet contained a few acres of vendors showing off their wares and a bunch of old school motorcycles. Being the first day of Bike Week it wasn’t too busy, and I really enjoyed checking out the old bikes. If you are restoring an old motorcycle or starting a new project, this is definitely the place to find what you are looking for. More vendors are sure to show up this week.

From there we headed to Hidden Treasure, a nice open-air restaurant across the bay behind Daytona Beach (somewhere behind and across the bay from the lighthouse at the end of Daytona Beach). By then we had about 12 in our group for lunch, all really cool folks. After a nice lunch, a few stories exchanged and a couple of beverages, we headed back to Orlando.

On the roads in both directions I saw more bikes on the road than probably anywhere I have been save the Tail of the Dragon in N. Carolina. Tomorrow I will probably see more than that as I will be riding to Daytona to see the whole shebang. Stay tuned for more news from Daytona Bike Week.

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