Signs of Motorcycle Tourism

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Red wooden signs with a white motorcycle logo hang in front of numerous restaurants, hotels, and museums in the Charlevoix region. Visitors immediate recognize that motorcyclists are welcome at these establishments.


Part of the International Member Program of Tourisme Charlevoix, these signs are available to eligible businesses that accept a special contract. Among the terms are: the business is bilingual; that if offers secure, motorcycle parking; kickstand plates are available where necessary; clean rags for wiping down the bikes; at hotels there is a wash station; a basic set of tools is on-site; and a list of people who can assist with motorcycle-related problems is maintained.

Based on the existing tourism logo sign—orange with a white chef’s hat— used to designate a member of the region’s famous Flavor Trail, and those for art—a painter’s palette—it creates a reassuring consistency and quality assurance to those touring the Charlevoix. For businesses, the results have been immediate: riders pulling into restaurants and hotels they weren’t familiar with solely because of the sign.
Members in this program include five-star hotels, wonderful inns, and relaxing B&Bs. Many of the restaurants are also members of the Flavor Trail, the first farm-to-table program in Canada. There are museums, especially “economuseums”—another concept that originated here—and the motorcycle sign naturally hangs in front of Elvis Presley’s favorite nightspot.

Charlevoix’s motorcycle-tourism program, including this sign, was designed and is supervised by people who ride. Combined with stunning scenery, great touring roads, and internationally famous gastronomy this is simply another aspect of the region that says: Bikers Welcome.

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