Biker Movie Review: The Glory Stompers (1967)

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Biker Movie Reviews: Vol 1
by: Jim Dugger

The Glory Stompers

Exploitation films come in many different genres, one of the most popular is biker films. The roots of the biker film genre derive from the Hollywood hit “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando. This 1954 hit introduced us to the bike riding rebel which appealed to the alienated youth of the 1950’s. These early films often portrayed negative stereotypes of the biker and the biker lifestyle. It shows the biker as a loud, nasty, mean, drunken, drugged menace to society, who raped, plundered and pillaged simply for thrills. Some of these films also painted the biker as a misunderstood rebel living the American dream of freedom.

The biker personality is hard to pinpoint but I believe that both stereotypes are true somewhat. The biker is a true symbol of independence and freedom and is the stronghold of the rebel spirit. I am and know many people who fit this bill. Bikers are the most loyal and helpful yet independent people I know.

That being said I hope you will check out some of these biker exploitation films, most of which were made between (1954-1973). Most are ridiculous and cover every stereotype you can think of, but all are fun and worth checking out. I am sure you will enjoy (depending on your level of intoxication). I will be bringing you a new film critique once a month here on Bikers Report, so grab a cold one, sit back and check out the flick.

This months film is “The Glory Stompers” from 1967 starring Dennis Hopper. That’s right THE Dennis Hopper! Our film starts with several different MC’s (motorcycle clubs) partying at a bar. Daryl (Jody McCrea) leader of the Glory Stompers MC is dancing with his prim and proper girlfriend Chris (Chris Noel) when the Black Souls MC roll in. The leader of the Souls, Chino (Dennis Hopper) starts flirting with Chris. A fight almost ensues, but realizing they’re out-numbered, the Souls leave. Daryl and Chris leave the party for the lake a short time later. At the lake Chris is trying to get Daryl to leave the Glory Stompers club when the Souls show-up. The Souls beat Daryl to death (or so they think) and decide they will take Chris to Mexico and sell her into slavery. Daryl soon comes to and sets out after them.

He runs into Smiley Franks (Jock Mahoney) the ex president of the Stompers and they both go after the souls. I find no rhyme or reason for this character other than to have two bikers hunting for the Souls.

The Souls end up at the “rendezvous” a large party in the woods with many different MCs present. The party has everything you could want: free love, drugs, booze, live music, body painting, acid trips, skinny dipping and even a chick fight. This part here is more of a 60’s hippie/beat nick party rather than a biker one to me, but it is an exploitation film after all. Well, of course a drunken brawl soon breaks out and the fuzz show up. The Souls slip away in the chaos. Daryl and Smiley ride in to the scene, and with the help of Pony (another Stomper) and his ole lady they set out again after the Souls.

As with many biker exploitation films the Souls end up in a dessert where Magoo (a Soul) takes Chris for his own. That’s when Clean-Cut (Chino’s brother) tries to rescue her. Magoo kills Clean-Cut by running him over with his bike. Chino shows up and guns down Magoo. Daryl arrives and after a quick game of chicken on their scoots he and Chino do battle. As they are fighting, Jenny (Chino’s ole lady) throws her knife at Daryl only to hit Chino in the neck killing him. Daryl and Chris are reunited — The End

This is a pretty good one as these types of films go. There are plenty of nice, old-school bikes, and of course that crazy 60’s lingo is far out man. Its only 84 minutes long and pretty fun to watch. So grab a beer, some popcorn and your ole lady (or ole man) and check this one out.

We found the full “Glory Stompers” movie on You Tube and added it here for your viewing pleasure. All film rights of course belong to, well, whomever they belong to. Enjoy!

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