Deep Lube 2: It’ll Loosen Your Nuts

By Ken Aiken - the Gear Guy on

It’s easy to be excited by this product—if you’re a mechanic. Compared to the familiar product in the blue can, Deep Lube 2 has better penetration and greater lubrication properties. Furthermore, it contains no Teflon, silicon, graphite, fluorocarbons, or turpentine, which makes it suitable for applications above and beyond motorcycle maintenance.

The base compound is 40% Venezuelan “bright stock” oil, the same as used in the finest watch oil. Its small molecular size enables this oil to penetrate extremely tight space and to better adhere to metal. Another 40% is kerosene that has been filtered to remove gums, resins, waxes, and other impurities. The kerosene is also processed to remove its distinctive –and annoying—odor. A small amount (1%) of molybdenum disulphite (“moly”) is added to the solution. This super lubricant adheres to unpainted metal, but not to itself—no sticky buildup is possible—and while it can be worn off, it can’t be washed off. Another component is the propellant (for the aerosol cans, but not the gallon containers) a propane/butane combination that doesn’t harm the environment like fluorocarbons. A touch of citrus scent is added, just in case you want to use this on squeaky bedroom doors or other interior household applications.

Deep Lube 2 withstands temperatures from -50˚F – 1,000˚F, which means it’s not going to burn off at normal engine operating temperatures. It’s also electronically non-conductive, so it can be used on wiring to drive out moisture or help prevent connecting plugs from accumulating water and corroding. I also discovered that it is superior to degreasers that I normally use to clean my wheel rims. The retaining nuts on the exhaust manifold of my bike were in place for 22 years. Several applications of Deep Lube 2 loosened these nuts to a point where removal was easy using a regular open box wrench. No torque was required and I never got to use the nut splitters purchased for this job.

Since moly retains its lubrication properties up to 4,370˚F while withstanding pressures of 200,000psi, it seems logical that Deep Lube 2 might be an alternative to chain lube. However, I’ll have a better idea after 6,000 miles of chain and sprocket wear are measured.

Besides all the practical benefits derived from using Deep Lube 2, coming in from the garage and not smelling like a petroleum refinery just might improve your sex life.

$8.99 + shipping & handling for a 250ml can.

Deep Lube 8551-72

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