From the Brain Bucket: A One of a Kind Business Rally

By Dwain DeVille on




Are you ready for a one of a kind business rally?


We all do some of our best thinking in the saddle. When out in the country our bikes wheels aren’t the only ones that are turning.


Right there under your helmet, your synapses are popping right along with your V-Twin engine. In fact, there’s something about riding on an open road that seems to charge your nerve impulses with an even hotter spark.


And where it’s cool to ride with friends, imagine what it would be like if that group was made up of business leaders just like you. Like-minded individuals who’ve been down the same road, faced the same challenges and know what it’s like to face the dragon.


So I’ve partnered with Bob LaPointe, President of Inc. Magazine and Chris McIntyre, CEO of EagleRider Motorcycles to launch my dream –


The Inc. Rider’s Summit

A Full Throttle Business Experience! 


It’s a conference on wheels for leaders who are as passionate about biking as they are about their business. And I want you to join me!


On the bike, you’ll ride with an exclusive pack of savvy business leaders to explore some of the best motorcycling in the world with magnificent vistas, clean air and twisty roads.


In our business sessions, you’ll hear from some of today’s top entrepreneurs who’ll share the type of experience and expertise you’ve come to count on from an Inc. conference.


As an added bonus, you’ll get to saddle up and ride with the speakers, make new friends you’ll value for life and have a few laughs too.


This exclusive event is open to only 50 business leaders so get your name on the list quickly!

In the meantime, keep the wind in your face and the rubber side down,

P.S. If you are unable to join us or don’t ride, please forward this email to someone who does.

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