From the web: Wanda Bosworth on “The Bikers Code”

By ldidsbury on
Exact quote from Facebook message sent to Bikers Welcome USA:
  • Number 118……….. anyone know what that number is?……….. that number is me….. a biker on Rt. 9 in WV sitting on his bike on the side of the road looking like he lost his best friend….. 117 cars AND BIKES passed by this young man , not even slowing down…. remember “THE BIKERS CODE” “LIVE BY THE CODE ” how many of you really do??? When I’m in my car the bikers look at me funny like “why is this girl stopping?” I ask if all is well and if so I move on…. but I do stop… about 15 minutes earlier 2 bikes were on the side of the road and I pulled in behind and they just looked….. I asked if all was ok with a thumbs up and they were good so off I went… only to find this young man on the side … I knew of course he didn’t want to leave his bike on the side of the road so I figured I may have to do some running … no phone on me working ..(real bad area for cell phones) He had a disconnected gas line….he was on a “crotch rocket” but a biker on the side of the road is still a biker… cars were still passing… I tried to flag a truck down because we needed tools.. I only had a few but need allen wrenches…one truck slowed then just took off …. then a bike came along… I put my hands out.. and he pulled over and stopped , turned around and came to help…. guess he had a number too…. I asked him if he had allen wrenches and he did .. I had gone back to my car and got a phillips-head and needle nose pliers… so the young man knew what he was doing and got right on it… within about 15 minutes he had it apart and re connected and was putting it back together….He thanked me and the other biker and I also thanked the other guy…I always check to see if I feel safe in stopping but I do every time I do feel safe…most of the time only a phone call is needed or gas. now if this young man had been on a Harley I’m sure lots of bikers would have stopped… I had passed quite a few coming from that direction…The biker who stopped was on a nice Yamaha….. I didn’t get anybodies name but the young man was headed to Frostburg Md… so he had a ways to go.. but I’m hoping that he made it there with no more troubles ….. a lot of people talk about LIVING THE CODE but how many of you really live it ? I was number 118……I will never forget that number now…. it has a reminder in there for me… Harley, Yamaha, Honda, Crotch Rocket…. we all ride and even when I’m in the car I can still stop and do my part of living the code… What say you to this???? Right or wrong…. ???? What will your number be?

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