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The real story of The Great Escape

By ldidsbury on

If there’s one film scene which everyone remembers it’s the bike chase in The Great Escape. After dozens of failed escape attempts ‘The Cooler King’, played by the inimitable Steve McQueen, finally makes it to within sight of freedom. He roars across the countryside on his stolen BMW pursued by a hoard of manic Nazi …

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Agility Motors Saietta R first ride

By ldidsbury on

With the ‘throttle’ wide open through a corner as the rear tyre scrabbles for grip, there is no exhaust roar. The unlikely combination of near-silent running and high performance is almost enough to make you miss the apex. The Agility Motors Saietta R, one of the most advanced electric bikes available – and yours for …

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MCN Build: Wrenchmonkees

By ldidsbury on

Danish custom builders Wrenchmonkees have been quietly making a name for themselves over the past few years with quiet, stripped-back, monochromatic custom bikes. For the first episode of our MCN: Build series, we caught up with them to chat about how they got into the custom bike building trade, and to discuss their philosophy towards …

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Hein Gericke back in administration

By ldidsbury on

UPDATE 19/12/13, 09:43am MCN understands three Hein Gericke shops are still open for business following a call this morning. Those shops are Glasgow, Stockwell and Farnborough. It still seems that vouchers are not going to be honoured even in stores that are open for business. Anyone who bought vouchers on a credit card is advised …

Fried Potato Chip Ride

By Cindy Feldman on

Ever have one of those days where you can’t decide where to ride? Cody took his usual trip under the bed for the afternoon. The weather was perfect so we fired up the Harley’s and took off. The first leg of our ride took us down to Fort Christmas Road. After we passed all the activities going …