JD’s Biker Movie Reviews: “The Mini Skirt Mob”

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JD’s Movie Reviews

Vol   9


by: Jim Dugger


This month’s diamond in the rough is “The Mini Skirt Mob”. Since February is the month of love, I’ve chosen this one for its love story implications. (Sort of) This one has newlyweds and a woman scorned. (Guy’s this why you don’t piss off your ole lady) It has really cool old school Triumphs and Honda’s. (Sorry no Harley’s) It has miniskirts, big hair, big eyelashes, go-go boots and rodeo cowboys. That’s right I said rodeo cowboys. A woman biker gang and rodeo cowboys how bad can it be. (Makes my head hurt just thinking about it) The title alone is a dead giveaway of the horribly bad, low budgeted awesomeness this movie is.

“The Mini Skirt Mob” was released in 1968 out of the API stables that made a butt load of these 60’s “B” type flicks. It was directed by Maury Dexter who made several “B” type movies, but is best known for directing all seasons of “Little House on the Prairie”. It is also stars 6 big time actors of the day. Diane McBain plays (Shayne the leader of the gang) was an “A” list blonde bombshell in the 60’s and 70’s. She has a long list of TV and movie rolls such as Maverick, Burke’s Law, Batman and (one of my favorites) The Man from U.N.C.L.E. She also did 2 tours in Vietnam with Bob Hope’s USO show.


Ross Hagan plays (Jeff- rodeo champion)had a long career of “B” movie rolls and TV appearances in Maverick, Gunsmoke, Kung Fu and Wonder Woman to name a few. Jeremy Slate plays (LON) you will recognize this guy. At 18 his destroyer took part in the Normandy invasion. He has many movie and TV roles to his career. Some TV roles were Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Mission Impossible and ladies and some of you guys will know him ( you know who you are) from 1979-1987 he played Chuck Wilson on One Life to Live. A couple movie credits include The Born Losers, Girls! Girls! Girls! , The Devils Brigade and True Grit. Sherry Jackson plays (Connie) she was a child star and had many TV roles in The Roy Rodgers Show, Perry Mason, Gomer Pyle and The Wild Wild West. Probably best known for playing the oldest daughter on The Danny Thomas Show. Patrica McCormack plays (Edie-Shayne’s sister) was also a child star. At age 9 she was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress and a Golden Globe for “The Bad Seed”. She has had a very long career and has had rolls in everything from Streets of San Francisco, Dallas, Murder She Wrote, The Sopranos to Desperate Housewives in 2010. Harry Dean Stanton plays (Spook) and is probably the most recognized. (He is one of my personal favorites)He has had a massive Career  and was in everything from Kelly’s Heroes, Up In Smoke, Godfather 2, Pretty in Pink, Cool Hand Luke, Alien, The Green Mile and the list just goes on and on. But no matter how much gold you dip a turd in it’s still a turd and unfortunately this one’s a turd.

mini2Our story opens with a lot of horsepower. The rodeo is in town and our gang is riding horses in the parade through town. It doesn’t take long for them to trade in their horses for hog’s. (Well really small Honda’s and Triumph’s) Jeff the rodeo star and champion (you know this from the sign on his camper) and his new straight laced wife Connie are in the woods on their honeymoon. The gang rides out of town and finds the camper and a big party breaks out. Here we learn Shayne and Jeff was once an item and she is the woman scorned and a real bitch. When the party gets out of hand Jeff runs everyone off. But it isn’t long before Shayne makes everyone ride back over and beat up Jeff and Connie. Jeff grabs his rifle and runs them off again. Shayne is still not satisfied they catch up to them on the road. They are riding and harassing them when one member is run off the road and off a cliff. (This is why you never pass on the right) Jeff and Connie escape. At the bottom of the cliff Shayne tells the gang its Jeff’s fault and they must pay. The camera pans around and there are 3 cub scouts standing there. (I don’t get it either) The gang catches up to our newlyweds and while Jeff is out on a walk Lon and Spook smack Connie around, steal the rifle and slash the car tires.

mini4Jeff returns and Lon uses the rifle to keep them pinned down in the camper. This part drags on for a long time. Shayne gives a snake eating a mouse speech and Edie realizes her sister has lost her mind. While everyone is partying Edie gets the gun from Spook only to have Lon get it back (with the old beer in the eye trick) and knocks Edie out. They hog tie her and go back to partying.( At this point I started wondering where are they getting all the beer and bullets from since they don’t seem to be in short supply) Edie escapes and gets the rifle away from Spook and makes it to the camper. She helps our couple escape; posing as Connie she uses the rifle to keep the gang pinned down. Lon and Spook use the empty beer bottles and make some moltov cocktails and end up blowing up the camper. A burning Edie runs out and dies. After seeing its Edie, Spook and the rest of the gang have had enough and leave. Shayne and Lon take off after our loving couple. Lon is chasing Jeff around on his bike. (Takes me back to my dirt bike riding days) Jeff knocks Lon off his bike and breaks his neck. (Having your shirt and jacket on backwards is a dead giveaway) Shayne is trying to run Connie over. She is revving her engine and when she pops the clutch her bike magically goes backwards over the cliff. She is hanging on for dear life and pleading for Connie to save her. Connie grabs her hand but as Jeff approaches she lets go. Shayne falls to her death. Jeff and Connie walk away.                                                                                                                                                              THE End

mini8This is no classic by any stretch of the imagination (which given its title should be no surprise) but it does have some good and funny moments, as well as the bad. I was totally thrown off by the tag lines on the cover. “They play around with murder like they play around with men “and “They’re hog straddling female animals on the prowl “. That leaves you thinking there will be woman kicking ass and taking names, unfortunately that is not the case. There’s not much of a plot just a pissed off, big haired woman scorned dead set on revenge. (It happens to most of us guys at least once) The acting is very stiff, even with these actors and their very impressive resumes. Directing is good considering there is really no set and hardly any props.
mini5The music is OK, definitely out of the 60’s but very Go-Goish (is that even a word?) but fits this movie well. It did accomplish what it intended to do. Draw in a young male audience with its gratuitous crotch and ass shots. There’s even one scene you get some side boob action. This flick is not the bad boy (or woman) drug induced hell raising, outlaw biker film you expect from the 60’s and 70’s. Hell there were times I forgot it was a biker movie. There is enough action to keep you interested and make this one watchable. It does have 3 things going for it. 1: mini-skirts and go-go boots on really cool old school bikes, 2: lots of flowing Budweiser and 3: that side boob action. It’s only 82 minutes long, if you’re bored and want a good laugh at how ridiculous this is, then this one’s for you. So grab some friends, some cold Budweiser’s and Go-Go watch this one……….. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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