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By Craven Moorehead on

As an artist, you understand the importance of exposing your act to a global audience.  Your heart and soul goes into every performance, whether it is original material or your very own version of a classic cover tune.  We here at Radio Bar and Grill are on your team!  The concept is simple.  We want to give you the exposure you deserve, using a combination of a Video, Audio and serious Social Networking.  It’s a new idea that is making a difference in the way that your talent is exposed.









Play Your Music – LIVE – WORLDWIDE!!

Let’s use our imagination for a moment.  Wouldn’t it be cool to showcase your next concert to the entire world?  Well, with the advent of the internet and a little bit of magic, that dream has become a reality and it couldn’t be simpler…because the stage is literally set for you!

Our intimate facility offers you the finest in sound and video recording on a fully equipped stage.  Essentially all you need to bring is your axe, sticks and guitar picks.  We provide the stage, lights, sound, a 10-piece Drum Set and a Bass Guitar rig.  Most folks want to bring their own guitar amps, but we have these available also.

All this makes it easy for a group or a solo act to gain the ultimate exposure in real time, PLUS editable archives for the future!  For example, if you have a fan-base in Tokyo, all you need to do is let them know that you will broadcast LIVE from Tampa, Florida at 9:30 PM on Friday or Saturday and tell them to tune in to and there you are!  Sure, they may not be in the bar with you while you are performing, but your every note will be seen and heard no matter where the viewer is.  Nothing is sweeter than instant gratification, and we provide that here with our 24/7 LIVE Broadcast!  Although your concert and band will be broadcast live, it will also be recorded to Ustream and YouTube – PLUS we will capture the show to your thumb drive should you desire to bring one.  You can then edit this into a Music Video at a later date.  You retain all of the copyrights to your performance and ultimately have power over all the recorded images and sound.

Why pay thousands of dollars hiring a videographer that usually films weddings, when you can have the services of a seasoned professional that supports the local music scene?  All this is available to you for no cost, and trust me, I have seen many acts come in and use this promotional tool to promote themselves from playing numerous dive bars for little or no money to moving to the “A” circuit, opening for major acts nationwide!

Now is the time! Get booked at the Radio Bar by calling Theresa at (813) 531-5436 or contact us at:

Not only will you be playing live to the world, but our facility offers a nice beer garden outside patio atmosphere, good food, and enough room for you to bring your fans, friends and family.  All beverages are served ice cold and at a very reasonable price.  You will also enjoy a live interview on the visual-radio station with one of our professional Deejays, which can be used for future promotional ventures.  There is no reason not to act now!  Call or e-mail today to get your time locked in.

We are currently booking for the 2014 season, and you need to get your dates set well in advance to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Tune in to to see what your fellow musicians are doing and take a look at our stage and broadcast studio.  The stage is set, the time is right and all that’s missing is YOU!

Respect, Craven Moorehead, Owner of Radio Bar and Grill


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