2015 Beta Motorcycle Line-Up First Look

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By Sam Sims

2015 Beta RR 350 EFI Enduro

2015 Beta RR Four-Stroke Enduro
2015 Beta RR 300
2015 Beta RS Dual Sport
2015 Beta Off-Road and Dual-Sport Models Announced

Leading the way for the 2015 Beta lineup are big changes to the 4-stroke bikes and smaller updates for the two-strokes.

The 2015 RR 4-stroke models get updates to the entire displacement range, with many features straight from last year’s RR Factory versions, as well as the introduction of many new technical features.

2015 Beta RR 4 Stroke
The main objectives during development were to make the bike lighter, easier to control, and improve overall handling making it more enjoyable and easier to ride and, above all, more effective. The engine’s center cases and internal components have been made lighter and redesigned to reduce the rotating mass, and the engine sizes have been reduced to make handling easier and minimize weight. Compared with the larger capacity of the previous model, the absolute power and torque figures remain unchanged, thanks to a new camshaft profile and a new exhaust system; in addition, a better distribution of the torque curve has been obtained to get more out of the engines. With these new engines, the engineering team promises continued “Beta Magic” power delivery, according to a Beta spokesman.
Electronic Injection System:
The main innovation of the 2015 RR Enduro 4-stroke range is the introduction of electronic fuel injection system to the 350 RR. The system was developed together with Synerject and has a 42 mm-diameter throttle body. Electronic fuel injection ensures precise throttle control under all usage conditions and offers automatic changes to the air-fuel mixture for different altitude and temperature changes. The engine offers immediate and smooth response with any riding style. Also, thanks to the adoption of a stepper motor mounted on …read more

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