Solo Soul Searching with a Concours 14 | Lieback’s Cross-Country Blog (Updated Daily)

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By Ron Lieback

Solo Soul Searching | Lieback's Cross-Country Blog (Updated Daily)

The Conny meets a new friend off 421 in Kentucky’s backcountry

Solo Soul Searching | Lieback’s Cross-Country Blog (Check Back for Daily Updates)

Motorcycles are typically associated with freedom for some, speed for others. But above all, the one association that’s a constant – even if underlying – is that motorcycles create the perfect platform for one’s therapy.

With a mix of major changes in life, along with the 80+ hour work weeks, therapy of the mind, and more importantly, the soul, is a must. And so begins my only stretch of 10-consecutive days to travel in 2014.

So what’s one to do? It’s obvious for me – take a motorcycle cross country. Yep, 10 days. Miles wise, it’s likely a bit more than 7,000. The travels all fit into a short novella I’m working towards finally finishing, titled “Solo Soul Searching.”

Of course, plans are in disarray as I prepare last minute. I want to pilot the best motorcycle to and from my hometown of Mountain Top, Pa., to Plain, Washington, to participate in the Touratech Rally.

The Kawasaki Concours ready for a trip from Mountain Top, Pa.,, to Washington state.

Calls are made, plans are solidified. But then my contact who had hooked me up with a long-term test bike calls it quits with the OEM. This leaves me without a ride – two weeks ahead of the trip.

Tim is pressing, and things simply don’t line up.

This all turned out to be a blessing, though. Why? After one single email, my friends at Kawasaki hooked me up with a 2014 Kawasaki Concours 14. I had tested their speed-savvy Ninjas over the years, but never actually rode the Concours…aka “Conny.”

My normal sport tourer is a 1998 Honda VFR800F with much work done, and about 50K on the odometer. I trust my Viffer to take me …read more

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