Fly and Ride the Black Hills at Sturgis Rally

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We found a story outlining a ride we have just gotta do. This is a must do on any bikers bucket list and the only thing to figure out is, how do we do it with just a few days of vacation left this year. Well… we’ve devised a plan, we are a bit old school but we have to embrace 2014 and live life to the fullest with all it has to offer right? That means we are going to have to go New School …will fly and ride for this Sturgis Rally. It gives us everything, the time to have fun and time to ride the Black Hills including Needles and Pig Tails. We are going to do this and it is going to be a blast with the help of a few of our friends!!

First, the easiest call to Midwest Motorcycle Daytona – they rent motorcycles at Sturgis Rally you just have to call and reserve yours today. That’s the simplest part of all this. Their number is 386-257-6265 and be sure to tell Eddie you want the Bikers Special.

Next call to a favorite place to stay – since we are taking the last set of rooms here is some links to hopefully help others: or always a place we check out

Get the airline tickets – depending on your frequent flyer accounts I’ll leave that up to you

Once there, you will find way to much to do so be sure to check out

And here is a link to the Needles and Pig Tails Ride in the Black Hills that started it all for us


Pick up your bike right downtown, where you want to be at Sturgis Rally. Call us to reserve yours today 386-257-6265 or 888-237-5853 ….be sure to LIKE us on Facebook

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