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Tropical Tattoo Inc., and owner, Willie Jones have been top in the Daytona bike and tattoo scene for over two decades. Between slingin’ ink  7 days a week and putting on the best bike show in America, Chopper Time Chopper Show,  Tropical Tattoo is more than just a great tattoo shop, it’s an all American biker mecca.


January 19. This was the first good riding day that Daytona had seen in at least a week, but, hey, I’m not complaining. I’ll take a week of rain over  4 months of snow and cold, anytime!  I get to 825 S. Yonge St, and get off my bike. Willie and a couple other guys are hanging around, shootin’ the proverbial breeze, outside of Tropical Tattoo. I took a seat at  my favorite spot, one of the brick red benches that are situated along the store front, and enjoy the Florida sunshine on my face.

As the other guys start their Harleys and take off, Willie walks over, takes a seat and opens a blue envelope. It’s his birthday. It’s also the birthday of the American General, Robert E. Lee. (Just a little nugget of history for ya’s).   Mr. Jones is somewhat of a political figure himself.  He was a leading figure in lobbying for the regulations and protocols of the tattoo industry in Florida, which has helped shaped Tropical Tattoo Inc. into the success that it is today.  Sitting on the red bench, we talk about the weather, motorcycles, good times, and tattoos. All the while, a steady stream of tattoo enthusiasts wander in and out of the studio.

Once you make a visit, you’ll understand why this is the only place in Daytona to get your tattoo. The shop is clean and sterile and bright, but the attraction is truly the artists. Willie has surrounded his business with the best that ink has to offer. All the artists have extensive portfolios and are available for consultation to make your idea a personal work of art.  Even better, the artists and employees are a rare group of just all around good people. Who doesn’t love that?  So, next time your itchin’ for some scratchin’, stop in Tropical Tattoo Inc. Because, at Tropical Tattoo it’s all about personal freedom, and that’s as American as it gets.

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