2016 Honda Africa Twin Specs Leaked + Video

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By Motorcycle.com Staff has an itchy trigger finger; a new video and specs for the CRF1000L Africa Twin have leaked onto the Internet.

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The video was uncovered by ADVPulse, and appears to be the sixth episode of Honda’s “True Adventure” series. Meanwhile, the folks at AfricaTwinForum noticed a spec sheet posted onto Honda Portugal’s Facebook page (since removed but included here) purporting to show official details of the AT. We’ve translated the specifications into the table below.

Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission will be optional equipment, it appears, and will add 32 pounds to the bike, bringing it to 534 lbs. with a full 5-gallon fuel tank. Shift the 6-speed gearbox with your toe, and the claim drops to 502 lbs., which is pretty light in this class (the BMW R1200GS claims 525 pounds, fully-fuelled).

Part of that lightness is down to Honda’s use of its “Unicam” system in the AT’s 998cc parallel Twin; one cam instead of two, using short rocker arms to control the 8 valves, works great in engines that don’t rev particularly high – and reduces complexity and weight. Honda claims maximum power at only 7500 rpm and max torque at 6000 rpm. A parallel Twin can also be lighter than a Vee, and the use of a 270-degree crank in this one means it should sound as good as, and reach out for traction as well as a V-twin.


Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) is Honda-speak for traction control, and appears to be another item that will be absent on the standard version, along with ABS. Nice that they give people the option! There’s nothing about suspension in the leaked specs, so maybe Honda’s working on its first electronic system, to keep up with <a class="colorbox" …read more

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