Church Of MO 2004 Yamaha V-Max

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By Troy Siahaan

Yamaha’s original V-Max was wild, bombastic, and an absolute shock to the senses when it was first introduced to the masses 30 years ago. Nearly 20 years later the V-Max was still in Yamaha’s lineup, still delivering mind-numbing straight-line performance. You’d think that two decades would be enough time for the competition to narrow the performance gap, but that was never the case. So, for this Church of MO feature, Eric Bass revisits the original V-Max. The year is 2004, but that doesn’t really matter, as the V-Max is one of those rare bikes that will leave people breathless no matter what year it is. Also, be sure to visit the photo gallery to see even more pictures of this iconic motorcycle.

2004 Yamaha V-Max

By Eric Bass May. 20, 2004
Photos by Ivy Brooks

When someone says “musclebike” the V-Max should jump to the forefront of your mind.

Yamaha’s V-Max is the Jerry Rice of motorcycles. Been around for almost 20 years. A living legend. Light years ahead of its competition back in the days of its youth. And somehow still blowing past the young bucks like they were standing still, leaving them shaking their heads with looks of, “How’d you do me like that Old Man?!” , written across their faces. Like the esteemed Mr. Rice, the V-Max is a straight-up freak that breaks new ground for functional longevity with each passing year. You keep waiting for it to be retired, but it keeps on dusting whatever you throw at it. V-Rods? Get back! Warriors? Puhlease!

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Quite possibly the greatest streetbike engine ever produced

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