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Road Glide: Plain Jain

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“This bike is my vision of a completely rideable and kickass bike—no big-screen TVs or 20-speaker stereos. Just a plain-Jane, bag-draggin’, kickass bike.” That’s what Sik Pipes’ owner/operator Tyler Foster had to say about his scoot. If decked-out baggers are your thing, this Road Glide probably isn’t for you. Foster didn’t make this machine to …

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Suzuki Reveals Concept GSX

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By Dennis Chung Suzuki revealed a concept teasing its next-generation sportbike. Perhaps “sculpture” is a bit more accurate than “concept”, as it looks more like an art piece than a functioning motor vehicle. Suzuki actually describes it as a concept object rather than a concept motorcycle (Evans Brasfield likens the concept to a GSX soap-on-a-rope.) …

Honda CB1100 Concepts and Lightweight Sport Bike Debut at Tokyo Motor Show (Bike Reports) (News) (Rumors)

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By Dirck Edge Honda has revealed display models for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (late October) and they include two CB1100 concepts, including the “Concept CB” pictured above, as well as the “CB1100 Custom Concept” pictured immediately below. The Concept CB appears it might be a new production CB1100 with detail changes, such as the …