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I have been putting a car part on almost every bike I build for a long time now. It’s been my way of acknowledging the passion I have for hot rod and custom car culture. I am a gearhead, and Mooneyes Racing Equipment is legendary in hot rod history. It has a product line with a number of cool pieces that I will periodically introduce onto a bike build I am doing. Recently, I was asked to make a pair of floorboards for a customer after he had seen a set I made on one of my bikes, so I decided I would both hook him up and show you how I transformed these drag boat gas pedals into a set of killer floorboards.

Once the pedal bottoms are smooth, I clamp the original floorboard bottoms to the pedal and trim to the shape of the pedal. After I have shaved and fitted the floorboard base, I take off the upper outer lip. This allows your foot to pivot out and off the floorboard easily. The inside lip keeps your foot from coming into contact with the exhaust pipe.

With the pieces clamped together you can drill two holes through the top and bottom of each pedal and tack weld 2-1/4 x 20 nuts on the bottom side of the base, finishing up with a countersink bit so the bolt mounts flush.

There you have it. You can leave them in the original cast finish, powdercoat, etc.

Whatever your preference, the floorboards say old-school cool and will set you apart from the rest of the crowd with their aggressive good looks!

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