Cold Weather Riding Accessories Buyers Guide

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By John Burns

Riding when you’re cold is no fun, but thanks to the miracle of flowing electrons and other marvels, just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean you have to be. It all begins with good clothing of course; many riders swear by a layer (or two) of silk or synthetic base layers under as many more layers as will fit under your windproof/waterproof outer shell. But this isn’t a clothing Buyers Guide, it’s an Accessories one. Here are a bunch of the best items we came up with for keeping your temperature and spirits up when the mercury is low.

Aerostich Kanetsu Electric Warmbib

Aerostich, Gerbing and others make various electric vests, gloves, etc. Evans Brasfield tested this Warmbib on MO not long ago, though, and it’s an excellent, easy-packing way to warm yourself up on medium-chilly rides. Aerostich is based in Duluth, Minnesota, where they know a thing or two about cold.

Anti-Fogging Apparati


Not being able to see is a no-go. Check out faceshield inserts from Pinlock and Fog City, as well as various wipes and sprays for applying to your faceshield like Defog It.

Heated Grips


Well, duhh. Keeping at least your hands warm when all else is cold is a great feeling for your hands, psyche and safety. Oxford is a popular brand, but a little Googling around on your bike’s forum will give you the full benefit of popular opinion as to what works best for your particular application.

Heated Seat!


Say what? You don’t have a brand new touring barge with a heated seat? Not to worry: Sargent’s DIY Heated Seat Kit lets you turn any motorcycle into a rolling electric blanket of the best kind …read more

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