Upgrading Harley’s 39mm Front End, Pt 2

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Harley-Davidson’s stock production 39mm front ends on Dynas, FXRs, and Sportys aren’t exactly optimized. They need a little help if you really want them to perform. Hell, even changing the weight of the fork oil used internally can upgrade how they react on the road. Luckily for us (and you) there are a ton of performance options from the aftermarket, and taking advantage of some of these items will make your Harley ride much better and look good in the process. We are building a stiffer and better 39mm front end with the help of a set of Chassis Design Company triple trees, Gold Valve emulators and a spring kit from Race Tech, a set of The Speed Merchant’s preload adjusters, and some oil from Bel-Ray. We will be putting it all together with the right tools for the job thanks to Jims USA and its line of specialty tools. Here’s the second part of how we did it.



Chassis Design Co.


Race Tech

The Speed Merchant

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