Suzuki Feel Free Go! Motorized Bicycle Concept

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By Dennis Chung

Bicycles and motorcycles have a lot in common, besides running on two inline wheels. The term “moped” is actually a portmanteau of “motor” and “pedal”, and some of the earliest motorcycles in history were basically bicycles with motor attached to them. Suzuki added a new chapter to this shared history, revealing a motorcycle-bicycle hybrid concept called the Feel Free Go! at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Despite the youthful colors and the whimsical name, the concept actually has strong ties to Suzuki’s history. The name Feel Free Go! is actually a shoutout to Suzuki’s first motorcycle, the Power Free, a bicycle equipped with a 36cc two-stroke engine.

The Suzuki Feel Free Go! concept isn’t technically a bicycle or even a moped as it does not have pedals. The rider’s feet remains on footpegs while a 50cc engine provides the propulsive force, delivering power to the rear wheel via a drive belt.


On the other hand, the bicycle-style seat, hand brakes, slender frame and large, thin wheels are far more bike than motorbike. The Feel Free Go! also has a transmission controlled by a bicycle-style twist-shifter.

Suzuki added some hi-tech features in a digital instrument panel with a rear view camera display.

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