Upgrading Harley’s 39mm Front End, Pt 3

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Harley-Davidson’s 39mm front suspension is adequate for cruising but it’s not optimized. It can stand to be stiffer. Fortunately, the aftermarket knows this and offers a ton of ways to pull every ounce of performance you can get out of the forks. As you may have figured out from parts one and two of this story, building a better 39mm front end is a pretty big job. That’s because this isn’t just a spring upgrade. From the Chassis Design Company trees to the Race Tech emulators and spring kit, we’re pulling every bit of performance we can out of the front end. In the end, though, it’s worth all the hard work. We’re even changing the weight of the fork oil. Thanks to JIMS USA, we also have the specialty tools to take some of the pain out of the job. Here’s how we’re doing it.



Chassis Design Co.


Race Tech

The Speed Merchant

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