Whatever: Big Brother is Watching You

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By John Burns

Big Brother really is watching us all lately, but, with apologies to George Orwell, it seems to be not all bad. Edward Snowden’s revelations notwithstanding, and unless the person surveilling is about to launch a drone strike at your hovel, the fact that there’s an eye in the sky wherever you go seems to be a good thing for most of us most of the time here in the First World. When I started seeing other motorcyclists around town with GoPros on their helmets all the time I thought it was a little silly, a bit self-absorbed. But when I saw the aptly named William Crum knock these two kids off their motorcycle in Texas last week, it suddenly made perfect sense.

Without his buddy’s video, this would’ve been another run-of-the-mill he-said she-said insurance company battle where the old s.o.b. would’ve walked away with another gouge on his fender and the kid on the bike would’ve gotten nothing but an enormous hospital bill and an ex-girlfriend. With the video making it clear Crum intentionally rammed the motorcycle, and the outrage it sparked among even the non-motorcycle riding public, Mr. Crum is looking at some well-deserved time behind bars and the swervees can expect a fair shake from his insurance company. If he has one. Could Easy Rider have had a happy ending if Dennis Hopper had been wearing a camera? Could it have been a message of hope and fair play instead of a drawn-out rail against injustice and inhumanity that might’ve ended the Vietnam war sooner?

Then there’s this nut, who walks up and assaults a kid and his girl on their bike at an intersection. If you tried to describe this guy’s behavior in court, who’d no doubt be calmly sitting there in an expensive suit and …read more

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