Kawasaki displays supercharged "SC-01 Concept" at Tokyo Motor Show

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By Kent Kunitsugu

Kawasaki featured this styling concept drawing of the SC-01 Concept motorcycle that accompanied the supercharged engine mockup in its Tokyo Motor Show display.

Kawasaki unveiled its “SC-01 Concept” at the 2016 Tokyo Motor Show, with the display featuring an engine mockup using an inline-four-cylinder engine with a gear-driven supercharger similar in design to the unit on the H2/H2R sportbikes. The company that turned the sportbike world on its ear this year with its supercharged siblings appears to be continuing on that path, with the “Spirit Charger”concept utilizing a smaller-displacement engine not for ultimate performance, but “a machine suitable for all day, long distance enjoyment and comfort,” with “softer, more luxurious materials.” Granted, the styling sketch that was provided shows a bike with a definite sporting bent, but it’s likely that was an early drawing in the beginning stages of the original concept.

kawasaki sc 01 concept 2016 tokyo motor show

The engine mockup for the SC-01 uses a 600cc-size inline-four with a gear-driven centrifugal supercharger similar to the H2/H2R. What isn’t similar are the adjustable vanes on the intake side of the supercharger that control intake airflow for smoother power and better efficiency at lower rpm.

What was really intriguing about the SC-01 engine was the supercharger unit itself. It’s the same centrifugal-type supercharger as the H2/H2R models, but mounted on the intake side was a unique adjustable vane setup that controls the amount of airflow into the supercharger (see the animated gif photo below). By electronically controlling the intake airflow, this innovative idea will theoretically help eliminate several of the issues with a direct-driven centrifugal supercharger, namely smooth power delivery, precise boost control, and efficiency …read more

Source:: Kawasaki displays supercharged “SC-01 Concept” at Tokyo Motor Show


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