Yamaha Sports Ride Concept New Photos + Video

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By Kevin Duke

Of all the vehicles shown at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha’s Sports Ride concept car is perhaps the most intriguing. It’s notable because it might signal the emergence of Yamaha as an automobile builder and because of its innovative carbon-fiber chassis that results in a weight claimed to be just 1,650 lbs. Our initial reactions and first photos are seen in the link below.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept

Today we’ve been blessed with new photography from our friends at AutoGuide.com, who are on the scene in Japan and who produced the video below. Keep scrolling down to see exclusive pictures and further observations.

The low nose and broad haunches are clear indications the Sports Ride has its engine placed behind the driver. Aerodynamic optimization starts at the front end with large inlets presumably bringing cooling air to front-mounted radiators. Also of note are the intakes ahead of the rear wheel in an aluminum rocker panel.

Yamaha Sport Ride Concept

The relatively tall height of the cabin may indicate the Sports Ride is more than just a concept, but rather an advance look at a production vehicle that will need to accommodate actual humans. Note the car’s carbon-fiber frame in the background.

Yamaha Sport Ride Concept

The Yamaha Revs Your Heart logo is drawn on the center of an analog tachometer that has an upper limit of 10,000 rpm. Disappointingly, another view of the tach shows a 7500-rpm redline, which probably indicates a run-of-the-mill four-cylinder car-based powerplant. A 250-kph (150 mph) speedo likely indicates a top speed slightly lower.

Yamaha Sport Ride Concept

The footbox shows lovely aluminum pedals hinged on the floor like a Porsche 911 (or VW Beetle). Fans of manual gearboxes will …read more

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