Josh Cappo’s T-Sport Dyna

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I was building a bike over at Todd’s Cycle With Mr. Silicato and Brandon Holstein of Brawny Built and met Aaron and Shaun Guardado of Suicide Machine. After that I would always see them around town and really respected the bikes they built, which have always been quality, no-frills, kickass by design. One day I was at a party for a good friend and Aaron and Shaun pulled up and parked next to me. That’s when I saw my next motorcycle. A 2001 FXDXT Dyna T-Sport!

Aaron had the bike set up pretty nice. I remember it had a billet swingarm, Todd’s Cycle risers extended to 13 inches, ISR hand controls, Lyndall rotors, FXDP bags, and Works rear shocks. I freaked out and instantly began searching for one the next day. A couple fell through during the sale, and with a fistful of money burning a hole in my pocket I called Aaron to see if he knew anyone who would sell me a Dyna T-Sport. After some brainstorming he said, “I would consider selling you mine,” and of course that was music to my ears. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap because I knew the work in it. I knew he really didn’t want to sell it, but we were able to come up with a price that was fair for both of us. The thing about the bike was it needed a little love. Anyone who knows Aaron and Shaun know they do not know what a hose and bucket of soapy water look like. I don’t think the T-Sport was ever washed once in the time he had it. Although it had really nice parts it didn’t even look cleanable. Well, it took me about four washes get my new ride looking presentable.

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