Motorcycle Tour: Ladies Only Road Trip

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My friend Tiffany and I share a passion for motorcycling, and it’s her goal to ride in all 50 states. I would love to ride them with her, and so far we’ve ridden in four states on our trips from LA to the Grand Canyon and Oregon. Because I’ve moved back to Ohio, we planned a trip from Cleveland to Nashville in order to cross some Midwestern and Southern states off the list.

From Cleveland we headed toward Kentucky riding through Hocking Hills. We took curvy back roads, and as we crested the hills all you could see for miles were beautiful fields and meadows without another vehicle in sight. We stopped for photos, and I had to pull out my favorite tool: the zip-tie, when I discovered one of my strut bolts missing courtesy of strapping my backpack to my fender in true jerry-rigged fashion.

The next day, after a quick trip to Ace Hardware where the employee was a self-proclaimed nudist (no joke) and with the magic of Loctite, the fender was fixed and we were on the road again. After crossing into Kentucky, one of the first things we encountered was a giant cock on a cart. Yes, there really was a statue of a giant male chicken in the gas station parking lot. We then stopped at Blevins Grocery, opened 80 years without closing a single day with the same lady working there for the past 50 years. Its history and character made it one of the true highlights of the trip. Red River Gorge was hands down the best riding of the entire trip. At its entrance, known as the Nada Tunnel, there was a stunning waterfall. We stood there letting the crisp, clean mist fall on our faces only to have …read more

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