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When it comes to size, the Harley-Davidson Factory in Frankfurt am Main is certainly the biggest Harley dealership in Germany—if not in Europe! And in terms of sales, it is at the top as well. Thomas Trapp and Matthias Meier do not just operate a gigantic dealership; they’ve also integrated a state-of-the-art custom shop where Alex and Rado build show-winning custom bikes.

“While the touring segment in our shop is big, building really high-end baggers is not as huge as other customizing requests,” Thomas Trapp stated in May 2013 at the Magic Bike Ruedesheim, “Not yet, anyway! Numbers are going up, and we are already in the higher two-digit range.” H-D Frankfurt’s earlier rendition, the 2012 Bag ‘n’ Red bike, was a prime example of what the custom shop/factory dealership can do just from the Custom Chrome Europe parts catalog, and Silver Star is set to repeat this experience if not top it.

Consequently, the bike utilizes the latest and best bagger parts available from Custom Chrome Europe, most of which have been developed by German Harley specialists for road use in Germany. And that means high-speed operation on the autobahn!

Thunderbike, a customizing giant in Hamminkeln, participated in the 2011 and 2012 BOAR program, this year contributing a huge 3-D machined Daytona-design 26-inch front wheel. To integrate the huge front end in the stock touring frame, Thunderbike developed its own triple trees that retain the riding characteristics and stability despite a more chopper-style setup. CNC-machined Arlen Ness fork legs and boots are a perfect match for the silver/black design that is the trademark of this sparkling bright paint job.

Contrary to full-fairing baggers, Silver Star has no front fairing at all. The rider hangs onto a huge Arlen Ness 18-inch bagger bar, in which H-D Factory’s specialists …read more

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