Skidmarks – Finding your Fit

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By Gabe Ets-Hokin

Lead Photo by: Dito Milan, Motorsports Photography

It must be intimidating to be a new rider these days. There’s a vast array of choices – not just of motorcycles, but of riding styles and communities to join – and there’s also an unending cacophony of advice from websites, chatrooms and social media, along with growing pressure to do things perfectly to avoid online ridicule.

As experienced riders, we’re expected to steer folks the right way when we get the inevitable questions about becoming a rider. If you’re like me, you have a script – get training, wear decent protective apparel and buy a small, cheap, disposable motorcycle for your first ride.

Of course, many guys don’t do that. I say “guys,” because women tend to be more sensible and less egotistical about their choice of first motorcycle, as well as their learning process. Men – especially younger men – frequently put Safety on the passenger seat behind Ego, and who am I to judge? My ego, when the ol’ testosterone factory was pumping at 100 percent, probably wore one of those t-shirts that says “If you can read this the bitch fell off,” and meant it (for the record, I don’t approve of such shirts and would not personally wear one, though if I saw a YouTube video of a cat or maybe a squirrel wearing one I would like it on Facebook).

The BMW S1000RR: The best bike for new riders, right? It’s got traction control! What could go wrong?

So, we know the story. Young guy wants to ride motorcycles. People tell him to start on a small, lightweight bike, but he does not want to ride a small, lightweight bike. Small, lightweight bikes are for girls. So, he does what we, as Americans in a media-rich environment are trained …read more

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